Butterflies change the world

Butterflies for the hospice change the world

With the support of the captain Bartek Czarciński and the association “Poles around the world”, the butterflies are going to set on a voyage around the world! The whole keel of the yacht  „Perła Gdynia” [The Pearl of Gdynia] is covered with the paintings of butterflies. You will be able to track the ongoing records of the journey and see the butterflies sailing over different oceans. In this way the Association, and the captain Bartek Czarciński would like to promote the idea of supporting orphaned children. The Hospice joins their efforts to highlight how important it is foster those children and help them in the long run.

The Association “Poles around the world” is organizing a singe-handed sail of the captain Bartek Czarciński from Gdynia to Gdynia. In this way the sailor wants to repeat the success of the captain Henryk Jaskóła who was the third person in the world to perform a single-handed, non-stop circumnavigation of the globe without stopping at any ports. The difference between those two feats is that the captain Bartek Czarciński not only attempts to circumnavigate the globe on his own, but also he constructed the boat himself. Since we face a global-scale challenge, we are happy to see the Hospice supporting the project.

Palium Hospice has been supporting orphaned children for a long time. You can also contribute to our initiative via the website www.siepomaga.pl.